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The Carceral Studies Network is a hub for users to share resources that they have found helpful in teaching or learning about imprisonment, policing, and the carceral state. We invite you to share resources with other users. As more teachers and learners share more resources, the site will become a more robust tool.

Sharing a resource only takes a moment.

To share a syllabus of your own design, click here.
To share an assignment of your own design, click here.
To share a research resource (article, book, film, etc.) that you have found useful, click here.
To share a teaching resource (assigned text, pedagogy article, etc.) that you have found useful, click here.

These links will take you to a brief survey, which will allow site administrators to easily add your resource to the site. For material that is copyrighted or published, please do not provide full-text or direct links; instead, link to published versions on a publisher’s or journal’s website. Please note that we add resources in batches, so it may take a few days for your resource to appear on the site. While we aim to host a wide variety of content, we regret that we cannot host everything, and we reserve the right to refuse unsuitable content.

The Carceral Studies Network is currently in beta mode. We warmly welcome feedback from our users.