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Richard Lippke
Oxford University Press
February 1, 2007
Type: peer-reviewed book

Drawing on philosophical arguments, criminological evidence, and the legal literature on prisoners' rights, Rethinking Imprisonment defends a normative theory of imprisonment.

Lisa Guenther
University of Minnesota Press
January 1, 2013
Type: peer-reviewed book

 Prolonged solitary confinement has become a widespread and standard practice in U.S.

Angela Davis, Joy James, editor
September 9, 2016
Type: peer-reviewed book

For three decades, Angela Y. Davis has written on liberation theory and democratic praxis.

Gary Gutting, Editor
July 1, 2005
Type: peer-reviewed book

For Michel Foucault, philosophy was a way of questioning the allegedly necessary truths that underpin the practices and institutions of modern society.

Themes: Theorists
Peter Linebaugh
Verso Books
November 4, 2016
Type: peer-reviewed book

Peter Linebaugh’s groundbreaking history has become an inescapable part of any understanding of the rise of capitalism.

Marie Gottschalk
Cambridge Studies in Criminology
Type: peer-reviewed book

The United States has built a carceral state that is unprecedented among Western countries and in US history.

Manisha Sinha
Type: peer-reviewed book

A groundbreaking history of abolition that recovers the largely forgotten role of African Americans in the long march toward emancipation from the American Revolution through the Civil War

Themes: Abolitionism
Laleh Khalili
Stanford University Press
Type: peer-reviewed book

Detention and confinement—of both combatants and large groups of civilians—have become fixtures of asymmetric wars over the course of the last century.

Mark Neocleous
Type: peer-reviewed book

Why is liberalism so obsessed with waste?

Is there a drone above you now?

Are you living in a no-fly zone?

What is the role of masculinity in the 'war on terror'?