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Harvard Law School
March 22, 2016

The Prison Legal Assistance Project (PLAP) is a student practice organization in which students represent inmates in Massachusetts prisons.

José Manuel Santillana

​This website was created by José Manuel Santillana, a first generation Chicano graduate student at the University of Minnesota.

Inside Outside Alliance Durham, NC

Inside-Outside Alliance is a group of people trying to support the struggles of those inside (or formerly inside) Durham County jail, and their families and friends.

Elijah Gaddis and Seth Kotch direct this project. Student historians include Jennifer Davidowitz, Sarah Dwyer, Dallas Ellis, Jared Feeny, Ava Gruchacz, Robert Haisfield, Jennifer Hausler, Harry Heyworth, Kara Kochek, Daniel Lee, Landon Mays, George Pancio
UNC-Chapel Hill, American Studies

Inspired by the Equal Justice Initiative’s report on lynchings in the American South, this project seeks to locate

Various authors
Vera Institute of Justice
August 2, 2016

This blog includes series of posts and commentary around topics that address different issues related to the US criminal justice system and areas of that system the Vera Institute actively tries to

Genevieve Romain, Dustin Sjong, Matthew D. Frater, Sarah Forschler, Aaron J. Person
University of Minnesota