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Liberty, Justice, and Imprisonment in the United States

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    Matt Whitt
    Duke University
    Discipline(s): Composition, Philosophy, Political Science
    Syllabus Last Updated: September, 2015

    A profound tension runs through the public culture of the United States. On the one hand, the U.S. declares itself to be a “land of liberty,” in which individual freedom is cherished and protected. On the other hand, the U.S. has historically denied freedom to large sections of its population, and today it imprisons more people per capita than any other nation. What do we make of this? How do we reconcile the ideals of liberty affirmed by U.S. public culture with the realities of bondage and imprisonment that shape U.S. society? This class uses political theory, philosophy, and academic writing to explore this important issue.


    Associated Assignments

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    Blogging about solitary confinement

    Matt Whitt Duke University Discipline(s): Philosophy Last Updated: September, 2015 Course Level: undergraduate Assignment Summary: This assignment asks students to think about how we acquire, assess, and convey knowledge about solitary confinement. Learning Outcomes: The assignment explicitly asks students to reflect on the choices that two authors (one with first-hand experience of solitary, one without) make… Read More »Blogging about solitary confinement