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Inside-Outside Alliance

    Protestors holding banners reading "Outside to Inside You Are Not Forgotten" and "Rise and Roar"

    Amplifying the voices of Durham’s incarcerated population and their loved ones
    Inside Outside Alliance Durham, NC

    Inside-Outside Alliance is a group of people trying to support the struggles of those inside (or formerly inside) Durham County jail, and their families and friends. We recognize that any of us can be outside one day, inside the next–the revolving door of incarceration. We also participate in struggles against police harassment and brutality. Since November 2012, Inside-Outside Alliance has maintained this website, called Amplify Voices Inside that publishes the words of Durham jail prisoners and former prisoners talking about conditions inside and outside and how they see the world. The name Amplify Voices comes from something a brave and rebellious prisoner wrote in the fall of 2012.

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